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Thank you for your interest in our franchise. The following is a list of frequently- asked questions with answers that we hope will help. Please feel free to call our office (1-800-251-5689) to set up a meeting to go over our application process and to answer any further questions you may have.

Do I need restaurant experience?

Yes, we require at least five years of documented restaurant management experience.

What types of agreements are available?

The typical franchise agreement allows you to develop one store. The other one is an area development agreement which grants the right to three or more stores in one specific geographical area.

What type of franchise operations are available?

The Just Pizza & Wing Co® operation serving pizza & chicken wings, requires a minimum of 1,600 square feet for delivery and carryout.

What areas are available?

Most areas are available, however, we would have to approve your proposed location and it cannot be within a 4-mile radius of any existing Just Pizza stores.

Does JPF provide financing?

We do not provide financing but we have sources you may choose to consider.

Where do I purchase supplies?

Purchases will be made from a list of approved suppliers of which JPFS facilitates the ordering process.

Are there financial requirements?

Yes, but we can discuss this at a later time.

What is the term of the franchise agreement? The term of the franchise agreement is 10 years. If you are in good standing you can add one additional 10-year term.

What is the franchise fee?

The franchise fee is $25,000. This fee gives you the right to use our trademarks, recipes, graphics, policies, procedures, training programs and access to our marketing consultants, resources and media plans. All manuals are included in the fee as well.

How do I find out more about JPF?

You will need to complete an application form. This information will be kept strictly confidential. Upon approval of the application we will schedule an orientation meeting. At this meeting we will provide you with the Franchise Offering Circular and a list of franchise owners. Orientation will take place at our headquarters in Buffalo, NY.

What is the Franchise territory?

Currently we are looking to place select franchisees across the continental United States. Just Pizza Franchise Systems Inc. is registered to sell franchises in 37 states. States unavailable at this time are California, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

Can I franchise a whole territory?

Yes. You will need to fill out the application request in order for us to review your qualifications.

What is the royalty payment?

The weekly royalty payment is four percent of the gross sales.

What do I receive in exchange for my weekly royalty payment?

You will receive some of the best recipes and the use of a very respected name in the pizza industry. We provide expertise in product negotiation, new products, ongoing training, food product management, labor management systems and a fellow franchisee support system.

Franchise Requirements

JUST PIZZA & WING CO® net worth and capital requirements for new franchise are as follows:

  • 1-3 Units – Minimum net worth of $225,000.00 and $225,000.00 per restaurant in cash, liquid assets, available financing or combination thereof.
  • 4-10 Units – Minimum net worth of $900,000.00 and $250,000.00 per restaurant in cash, liquid assets, available financing or combination thereof.
  • The initial Franchise fee is $25,000.00.
  • An ongoing royalty fee of 4% of net sales is due on a weekly basis in New York State and an ongoing royalty fee of 2% of net sales is due on a weekly basis outside of New York State.
  • JUST PIZZA & WING CO® requires that in New York State Just Pizza franchises spend 3% of net weekly sales on marketing, (2% within their immediate local marketing area and 1% payable to JUST PIZZA & WING CO® General Fund for group marketing in New York State.) For franchises outside of New York State, a minimum of 2% of net weekly sales must be spent by each franchise for marketing purposes. Additionally, $5,000 must be spent for franchise Grand Opening Advertising.

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